Holistic Therapies and Spiritual Art -

Impulses and Motivations

My thoughts today have been drawn towards what motivates us and how we act upon impulses. It seems that the most straightforward, peaceful path in life is one in which we are able to observe and act upon our inner motivations and impulses with very little confusion.

We can become confused when other people’s motivations and wishes infiltrate our energy system to the point where ours are overshadowed. We can also habitually be lower-mind polarised, so that we ignore our higher instincts i.e. those which bring us further into alignment with our soul’s path.

So a very good focus, as we move into spring and the new astrological year, is the oneness of our unique soul’s path. Can I focus more on my journey through life, one that is unique to me and does not get distracted by other’s needs and thoughts of how I think I should act? Can I live in my own power and not succumb to acting (often begrudgingly) in ways that I think are appropriate or acceptable to others (but often not acceptable to my soul)?

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