Holistic Therapies and Spiritual Art -

Being Grounded

I know everyone talks about being grounded in reference to the spiritual path but, hang on, it’s really important, vitally important in fact. Some thoughts on this subject – the main essence of being grounded is staying in the present as far as possible. Of course the mind wanders back to the past for more processing of life already experienced and to the future to ponder on what may be to come, but we give ourselves more power if we can remain within the energy of today.

Time is relative yes, but the present has weight in energetic terms. Staying in the centre of gravity gives you more balance, and perspective. From this central point of observation we can see all around us yet stay rooted in the now. Have presence in the stillness; there is more stillness in the present. Being grounded also means bringing energies out of the head and into the body or more accurately into the complete self rather than just the domain of the thoughts, especially those which are fear-based – anxieties, worries, negative emotions directed towards the self and others. During the many vibrational shifts occuring in these times, it can be hard to feel settled and content within the knowledge that we are existing as a human physical form on planet earth. We want to know more, journey beyond ourselves, identify with our other non-physical selves in other dimensions. But ultimately our commitment is to this physical-based life, rooted into the earth, at one with the nature that already exists in our world, breathing in the stillness which is there and always has been beyond the chaos of the human mind and emotions.

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