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Surrendering Control

How often we remain over-attached to the outcomes of our decisions and of those of others around us. This causes our energy to become tight, locked up and rigid – it’s that feeling you get when you are at conflict within. We falsely believe that conflict is what occurs when something is ‘wrong’ when it should be ‘right’, but of course that means we are elevating ourselves to a position in which we think we know what is right – but actually it is just our opinion, not a universal truth. By setting these mental limitations on the choices we make, we are, in turn, limiting the possibilities.

But what if going off track at this point is an essential part of the growth process? What if I need to feel a little down right now? What if I need to stay in this state of incompleteness for now, only to break free at some point in the future and look back and see how far I’ve come? What if my logical mind doesn’t really know best when it comes to myself and others? What if there’s is a bigger picture? A divine plan?

When others come to us for advice, we enjoy to give it, perhaps secretly enjoying the temporary position of superiority, yet it can be so hard to let go of the advice once it has been given. If a person decides not to ‘go’ with our advice, we can feel put-out, stressed, irritated; “that’s not what they’re meant to be doing”, “I think they’re wrong”… but STOP! It’s their decision, not ours… let go of the balloon string and the decision will float out of our hands and into the sky of infinite possibilities. How much more joyful and simple life becomes if we simply accept rather than trying to control…

“I acknowledge that each one of us has complete power in navigating our own life in accordance with the divine plan. I surrender control to the creative process”.

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